Laila Halaby

أهلا وسهلا


In life and in stories I love contrasts and unlikely juxtapositions, which perhaps is the result of
coming from two distinct cultures. I see artists as translators/interpreters who give us a glimpse
at a situation or a person or a feeling in some more accessible medium. They can also offer us an
eye into someone else’s world and help dispel stereotypes and misconceptions by tugging at that
universal spot, the humanity within us all.

Stories are everywhere, from the more obvious places like songs and novels and poems, to the
less striking ones, like paintings and bus stops. We all have stories to tell, and what is perhaps
more important, we have many, many stories to listen to. I don’t have an agenda as a writer, but
I do believe that it is my responsibility to offer an honest and challenging story, one that leaves
you thinking, leaves you with questions, and also leaves you hopeful.